Friday, 15 August 2014

Hello World!

"Literally recommended by those who recommend literally." 

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The Naked Listener's Weblog is born today on Blogger.

For the moment, this is a placeholder site for the main blog at If and when that service is no longer operable for the blog, it will migrate here.

The Naked Listener is a collection of random bits and pieces — mostly of overheard conversations and blacked-out insights: not of famous people, but of disarmingly ordinary folks in breathtakingly ordinary settings. Famous people sometimes make it in — only because they were heard speaking as ordinary people who just happened to be well known.

This blog has an unbroken online existence since 1996. Before then, it started out as a series of pocket notebooks — just an ordinary record of interesting dialogues overheard from time to time — now finally weighing 30¼ lbs (13.72 kg). The web version continues the work of the paper volumes.

The blog received The Versatile Blogger Award on 26 May 2011 and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on 1 April 2012. The BBC and Hong Kong's leading broadsheet South China Morning Post have written about the blog. Previously in 1988, the (then) Hong Kong Standard newspaper wrote a public-figure piece about me.


Robert Lee is The Naked Listener. 

Look him up at:

He grew up in 13 different countries around the world because of the professional antics of his parents. He didn't realise the places were all different countries, so it didn't matter. This explains why he started school only at the age of 12, yet 'finished' all his formal education by 17. His edjumacation lasted considerably longer. He went on to waste time, money and effort to become an English lawyer/solicitor but doesn't practise law (thankfully).

When not involved in the the pointlessness of blogging, Robert is a ponytailed, cowboy boot-wearing, five-meals-a-day printbroker and financial printer. He was previously in the world of publishing, an area that's soul-destroying and profit-challenged even in the best of times.

He once played polo for the county of Hertfordshire in England. He is also a globally ranked competitive motorcyclist who bizarrely is a total nobody in his own country and on the Internet, and that seriously hurts. Srsly. 

Robert is a published author (or 'had been,' depending on your perspective): his first book at 18 and his second at 22. Both books promptly (and properly) went 'OP' (out of print) and pulped a year after publication — which officially makes Robert a pulp author. The cognoscenti had him doped for a world-class artsy-fartsy photographer, then they discovered to their disappointment that his two books were crap. He thinks the readers were douchebags anyway, so there's no love lost.


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