Thursday, 27 August 2015

Unmotivated to make a hundred grand, what to do?

"I set a goal to make $100k a year, which is doable but the nature of the job is boring. I don't have any options aside from this job, and I have no degree or credentials. Mindful of this, I'm still not motivated, yet very unhappy about currently making no money. What can I do?"

The Naked Listener writes...

You want to make a hundred grand a year and you could do it, but then again you're unmotivated. Then I don't know how my answer could spur an unmotivated person to get going. The person has to be motivated to some degree at the outset, otherwise the whole thing is a non-starter.

In short, if you don't have the motivation, it isn't doable.

If you're happy enough making no money right now, then you're okay, so why bother thinking about the hundred grand or the job unless you're motivated in some way?

If you're unhappy about making no money and if the job is the only one virtually open to you (because of whatever reason), then make a decision to go for it or not. If you go for it, that means you're not exactly unmotivated as you claim. If you don't go for it, then the matter is solved -- you're happy as you are.

Written 26 Aug 2015


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  1. Well said. A person who CAN make hundred grand won't be the type who will have to wonder like that